Fiduciaire Fernand Faber

History Of Fernand Faber Fiduciary Corporation

History Of Fernand Faber Fiduciaire Corporation
Fiduciaire Fernand Faber (FFF) was incorporated in 1952 by Mr. Fernand Faber, one of the pioneers in the trust business in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Since then, three generations have passed and two are actively working within the family business today. For more than 60 years, it has been our specialty to advise our clients on tax matters, accounting, corporate consulting and fiscal engineering.
The Firm’s current partners are with FFF for over 30 years and the third generation has joined the team in 2013.
Fiduciaire Fernand Faber was a founding member of the ” Ordre des Experts-Comptables Luxembourg” (OEC) and in 2009, through its parent company “Revilux S.A.”, became an active member and first Luxembourg-representative in HLB International, a worldwide network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers.